vague whelk

HELLO YOU BEAUTIFUL LOVELY GREAT HAPPY PUPA. Welcome your back doors in to my redundant thought-nappy you are fully welcome.

-- this is where my mind shouts fall all the way out out, like 3 sausages dropping, screaming, out of a bean tin to their deaths --
HAVE A LOOK ABOUT you creamy bongo. Sometimes things here aren't all that pointless. At least no more pointless than everything else. There is POETRY, CATS, SLOTHS and lots of other pointless guff

One day you can say goodbye to using your ear! Usually when you are dead none of your ear works, and you can say completely au revoir to your ladder collection! That will be your situation for ever and ever ever and ever ever and ever ever and ever ever and ever ever and ever.

one day we will spend all our time being dead - space blep cat

try to do the thing! You really can!! (possibly)

fall down to be stronger - the Meme Kitten

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